Social Security Number (SSN)

All types of employment require a Social Security Number before you begin working. 

  • You will need to meet with Colby Sheldon. She will help you complete the application and the Verification of Employment form to take to your prospective employer. 
  • After the supervisor has completed their portion of the form, you will need to take the completed application and the Verification of Employment form to Colby Sheldon.
  • Colby will then finish the Verification of Enrollment/eligibility form for on-campus employment.
  • You will take all three documents together to the Social Security office at 2504 Oakmont Way, Eugene, OR. (541) 465.6807.

You cannot get a Social Security Number until you receive a job offer.

  • Your current I-94 must be on file with International Programs before you begin this process.
  • You must apply for a Social Security Card in person at the Social Security Administration Office, 2504 Oakmont Way. This office is in the Oakway area off Coburg Road (behind Albertson's). Contact the Social Security Administration Office to see what their current process is for these appointments.

You must take with you:

  • A completed application form. Applications for a Social Security Card are available at Colby Sheldon's office in Building 11, Room 235.
  • Your passport
  • Your I-94
  • Your visa
  • Your I-20
  • Two completed forms:
    • Verification of Employment form
    • Verification of Enrollment/Eligibility form

It takes up to 6 weeks for your application to be processed. 

Your new Social Security Card will be mailed to you.  You are required to submit a copy of your Social Security Card to Human Resources (Building 3) at Lane before you begin work on campus.

You must also bring International Programs a copy of the Social Security Card to add to your student file.