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Lane Math Course Sequence Flow Chart - 2022-2023

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2022-23 Math Course Sequence


Additional information on Math 98 Math Literacy

Math 98 is an alternative to Math 60/65/95 as a pathway to Math 105 at Lane. This is a new pathway for students who do not need Math 111 and who complete Math 20 or higher with a grade of C– or better or place out of Math 20 through the Lane Math Placement Test. Should you change your direction and later need Math 111 or courses such as calculus, discrete math, or trigonometry, for which Math 111 is a prerequisite, there is a method to resume the algebra sequence starting in Math 65.

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Who should take Math 98?

Students whose program of study or career path leads to, or through, Math 105. Both Math 111 and Math 105 satisfy math requirements for many associate degrees. Math 105 also satisfies requirements for many bachelor degrees that do not require calculus, and at Lane, Math 105 is an alternate prerequisite for Math 243 Introduction to Probability and Statistics.

How is it different from the sequence of algebra classes?

Students will read, write, calculate, and participate to develop mathematical communication skills with proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning, numeracy, and functions but with fewer algebra skills developed than the Math 60/65/95 sequence. Lane's Institutional Learning Outcomes will frame the course.

How many credits is Math 98?

This is a 5 credit class with 5 hours per week in the classroom using a textbook for group discussion, additional hours using an online web site, and homework time with math skills and writings.

What should you do next?

Be sure you meet the prerequisite of passing Math 20 or higher with a C- or better or place out of Math 20 through the Lane Math Placement Test within the last 8 terms. Meet with your program advisor to be sure you are taking the correct math classes needed for your degree or program.