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Calculator Information for Math Courses

Are calculators required for Math Courses at Lane?
The answer is... it depends. It depends on things like which course and if using a calculator is part of the skill development for the course. It depends on what the instructor preferences are for exams: some allow, some don't allow, and some do for only parts of the exam. It also depends on options given by instructors for using online calculator apps, software, and tools.

Before you buy a calculator, we have some advice:

  1. Go to class on Day 1.  Get the information from your instructor about what they expect you to have and for what kind of use.  They should explain it to you on the first day of class and you should be able to find if calculators are allowed on the syllabus, they may also suggest what kind of calculator.
  2. Explore your options.  If you need a calculator you can buy one or you have the option to rent one from the Math Resource Center found in Building 16 room 169.  Some instructors are now giving options to their students to use free apps, or software instead of using a hand-held calculator.  You may want to ask your instructor about that option.

Kinds of Calculators:
In general there are two main calculator categories: scientific and graphing.  Below you will find the list of which courses use which kind of calculator if one is required.

Scientific Graphing
MTH 020: Math Renewal MTH 111: College Algebra
MTH 025: Basic Math Applications MTH 112: Trigonometry
MTH 052: Math for Health & Physical Sciences  MTH 241 & 242: Elementary Calculus
MTH 060: Beginning Algebra MTH 243: Introduction to Probability & Statistics
MTH 065: Elementary Algebra MTH 251 & 252 & 253: Calculus
MTH 070: Introductory Algebra MTH 254 & 255: Vector Calculus
MTH 075: Applied Algebra for Technicians MTH 256: Applied Differential Equations
MTH 085: Applied Geometry for Technicians MTH 260 & 261: Linear Algebra 
MTH 082: Math for Network Operations MTH 265: Statistics for Science & Engineers
MTH 095: Intermediate Algebra  
MTH 097: Geometry  
MTH 098: Math Literacy  
MTH 231 & 232: Discrete Math  

Note: The Mathematics Department has a limited number of graphing calculators for rent. Go to the Math Resource Center, Building 16, Room 169.