Credit by Assessment - Department of Writing and Literature

Lane Community College offers students the opportunity to earn credit for prior learning. Individual departments determine which courses are appropriate candidates for such a process. The Department of Writing and Literature offers credit through CBA (credit by assessment) for WR 227 only.

Not all schools accept CBA, so a student planning on transferring should check with the appropriate institution.

Anyone interested in CBA should consult the College Policy and Procedure System (COPPS) to make sure s/he understands the limitations of earning credit through a non-traditional process. Then, s/he may submit a portfolio to the Department of Writing and Literature for review.


Technical Writing CBA: Portfolio followed by portfolio interview

LCC's WR 227: Technical Writing course is challenged by a portfolio followed by a portfolio interview. Before assembling your portfolio, please be sure that you have received copies of WR 227 course materials from LCC's Language, Literature, and Communication office. These will include a course outcomes document, a sample syllabus, and a sample project assignment.

  1. Prepare a portfolio
    All work must have been completed within the last three years. Your portfolio should be professionally presented and include:
    1. A cover letter that explains your reasons for wanting to challenge LCC's WR 227 course, and your basis for believing that you have already accomplished the goals of the WR 227 class as outlined in the WR 227 course materials you received. Use a standard business letter format, and address your letter to the Technical Writing Curriculum Coordinator.
    2. Your résumé.
    3. Three to five pieces of technical writing that demonstrate your achievements in the areas outlined in the course materials provided. Please include at least one example of an extended project (report, proposal, or manual, for instance). Also include at least one piece that demonstrates your ability to communicate visually and to integrate text and graphics.
    4. References that we can use to verify that all work was completed in the last three years. (References will not be used for any other purpose.)
  2. Meet with an LCC representative of the Technical Communication program to discuss your portfolio and challenge. During this interview, expect to field questions about your portfolio and to discuss your past experiences with technical writing, including collaborative writing, peer editing, and the communication principles that inform your work. Set aside approximately 1/2 hour for this interview.
  3. You will be notified within two weeks of your portfolio interview. A successful challenge will be characterized by evidence that you have already met the course outcomes as identified in the Writing 227 Course Outcomes document.