Physicals Immunizations & Labs

Program or Sports physicals (Student)**

$50 payable at the time of service or charge to your student account.

Information for Health Professions students regarding immunizations and physicals.

OHP Preventative Exams:

Including labs and pap smears are covered by the Oregon Health Plan - check your benefit package for eligible services (OHP FAQ's). If you qualify for preventative care, you can have your student physical done at the same time as your preventative care exam and we will bill OHP for you. Make sure you let the front desk know you are scheduling for both when you call for your appointment.

Lab Services*:

Although we are pleased to offer lab services at the Health Clinic for patients, drawing blood for labs is limited to those patients with a lab order from an LCC Health Clinic provider. At this time we are not able to draw blood or process orders for an outside provider.

CDC Adult Vaccine Recommendations:

CDC Immunization Schedule is for all adults, not just adult students. We are pleased to provide low cost physicals and immunizations for our LCC Health Professions students, and eligible students and staff. You'll need an appointment, immunization records, and physical forms. If you forget to bring the paperwork we will be happy to reschedule your appointment. Please return to your Health Professions department if you have any questions about your required paperwork.


Hep A $115 each (series of 2)
Hep B $95.00 ea ($285 for the series of 3)
Hep A & B combination $170 (series of 2)
Flu vaccine $20
MMR $120
PPD $15 (TB test)
TD $45
TDAP $55
HPV 9 $275
Varicella $275

Hints for obtaining immunization records:

Contact your medical provider. They may provide you a copy from their records or they can login to ALERT IIS and print a copy of your record for you. Contact the most recent school you've attended. Public and charter schools are required to keep immunization records on file for three years or until a former student turns 21, whichever is longer. Private schools are required to keep immunization records for one year.You can always check with your parents or guardian to see if they have maintained your immunization record. If none of these options provide the information you need, you may request a your record from ALERT IIS by downloading and completing the Adult Record Request form or you can try calling Oregon Immunization ALERT, (800) 980-9431.

Contact the Clinic to schedule an appointment and get the current fees for physicals and immunizations.

*Lab charges will be billed by Quest to your insurance or directly to you - lab charges will not process through the health clinic or your student L account.

**Price subject to change based on costs.