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A scholarship is a financial gift made to a student on the basis of achievement and potential. Many scholarships are based on merit, however, some are based on other criteria or financial need. It might take you some time to fill out applications, but with free money available, it's worth it!

Everyone has a chance for a scholarship, but you have to apply! Not all scholarships are based on GPA or academic performance. There are scholarships for all majors, non-traditional students, international students, people of all ages, all GPA's, and single parents. Once you start searching, you'll see that there is a scholarship out there for everyone's personal goals or interests.

See scholarship highlights for some upcoming scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Sometimes, one application applies for lots of scholarships!

    Many scholarship programs, like those organized by our LCC Foundation and Oregon's Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) make the process easy with a single application to determine whether you're eligible for millions of dollars in scholarships. 

    Each year, these scholarships and countless others open up for applications. So, you have nothing to lose — but free money — by applying. Scholarships can help you ensure you stay on track with your goals and finish strong! 

    Scholarship Research

    There are countless scholarships available and to help make your search easier, our Scholarship Resources page offers a few scholarship search options that are popular with our students. Additionally, the College is notified of other scholarships throughout the year and will post information about worthy scholarships. Academic programs and departments may also offer scholarships, such as the ESL program and the International Students program. Also see the Diversity Scholarship Information.

    Scholarship Resources for Success

    Scholarship committees want to give funding to students who will be successful in their education, career, and life. Your challenge is to "prove" to scholarship committees that you are a good investment! On your scholarship applications, you need to demonstrate that you have qualities that will make you successful, such as initiative, determination, integrity, service to others, leadership, persistence, commitment, etc.

    Start by identifying your skills, values, and strengths, then outline examples of past experiences where you have demonstrated those qualities. Seek ideas, help, and advice from people who know you well (family, friends, advisors, supervisors, etc.) and who can help you present yourself as a strong scholarship applicant. Look for information about scholarship application workshops each winter term. 

    The LCC Foundation also offers tips to students on its webpage to help prepare students for its application process and also understand the relationship between scholarships and other financial aid packages.

    Need Scholarship Assistance?

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