Florence GED and ABSE

The Florence Center offers Adult Basic and Secondary Education (ABSE), GED, and English Language Learning (ELL) courses to help adults improve their literacy, math and English skills. Many students take these courses to prepare for their high school equivalency diploma or GED.

Nationwide, over 350,000 students earn the GED each year!

Adult Basic and Secondary Education Services 

At this time, ABSE, ELL and GED classes are not being offered in-person in Florence. Students interested in taking ELL or GED classes are encouraged to visit: ged.com to create a profile and to enroll, visit: lanecc.edu/abse.

GED graduates and citizenship ceremony participants

GED (General Education Development)

The Florence Center offers GED test prep and practice testing to determine students' readiness and assess areas where improvement is needed.

Recognized nationwide by employers and educators, the GED certificate has increased education and employment opportunities for millions of adults since 1942. Lane's GED program prepares students to pass the GED exams.

Graduates of the GED preparation program are honored at the annual college graduation ceremony and are eligible to apply for scholarships.

English Language Learning (ELL)

Classes are culturally mixed and instruction is in English. In-class instruction is currently not available at this time.

Adult Basic and Secondary Education (ABSE) and Adult Basic Skills and GED

In-class instruction is currently not available at this time.

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Students under 18 need to obtain an Exemption from Compulsory Education form from the local high school. The form will need to be signed by an administrator, the parent and the student.

College Preparation Courses 

Lane also offers courses to renew and increase reading, writing, and math skills for college-bound students who need to take Lane's college placement exams. Tutoring is also available for credit students currently enrolled in Math 20 and Math 60 classes.

Contact Us About ABSE/GED/ELL Program

For more information about the Florence Center's ABSE, GED, or ELL programs, contact Leonora Kent (541) 997-8444, ext 4835, or email Leonora at kentl@lanecc.edu.

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